Social Responsibility
Wanlin Company actively takes various social responsibility, get good social reputation, enhances the company competition and promotes the sustainable development. Pay high attention to the personal value of employees and fulfill the social responsibility is also one of the necessary conditions to meet customer’s requirements. The company appoints senior managers to take care of establishing, implementing and maintaining an effective social responsibility management system, and gradually extend this requirement to all suppliers. The company promises strictly obey to the national and local labor laws and regulations, other regulations related to labor standards signed by the company, and all requirements of social responsibility audit standards, and respect the principles of relevant international conventions or agreements, and keep improving work conditions and employee benefits.
Quality Management
Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the production philosophy of "quality first, reputation first, continuous improvement, and excellent service", implement the ISO9001:2015 quality management system, and uphold the "scientific, rigorous, standardized, and practical" company management system, Adhere to insist of "survive by quality, seek benefit by cost", with the enthusiasm of "professional focus and dedication", pay attention to product quality and innovation, strictly regulate the production process, establish a good quality management system. Ensure the quantity, complete the tasks delivered to customers on time, meet customer requirements, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the company, repay the trust of customers in high quality technology and services, at the same time we keep improving us to explore the best way to serve the customers.
Environmental protection
According to the production and operation philosophy of "environmental protection, health, pollution prevention", the company organizes and compiles to continuously improve the environmental awareness, management and operation skills of all employees of the company, to establish and improve the environmental management system. The "Environmental Manual" that complies with ISO14001:2015 and applicable laws, regulations and other requirements has been approved. This is a mandatory document for the company’s activities, products and services that effectively control the environment. It is the basic principle of environmental management and a programmatic document that all employees must follow for a long term. It is also a strong guarantee for the company to improve its environmental performance.
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