2017 Annual Dinner Party

Annual summary and new year's message from Chairman of Wanlin company

Awards and prizes awarded by performance pacesetters

Opening drum: cock crows, dragon leaps East

Stage drama: sewing and washing a building

Light and Shadow Dance: jumping notes, playing the vitality of youth
Dynamic dance steps show the elegant demeanor of youth.

"Gourd baby and grandfather" to congratulate us

Song and dance drama: walking on a strange road, we are about to set off and wish you a pleasant journey.

Violin Solo

Sketch: everyone yearns for the campus days and funny story "fool goes to school"

Song and dance: there is a big tree in the horizon, which is the green in my heart

Dynamic dance: life is a never-ending machine,
Go to start your "power of the great famine" and try to realize your dream!

Sand painting performance "embrace beauty"

Lucky draw

Fan dance: This is a country full of flowers, let Oriental "Jasmine" experience life.

Popular hip hop dance: C mile C mile

Lucky draw

Game link

Martial arts performance "we are all women"

Youth songs
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